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Dekoh's Drei Destination

Dekoh's amputation due to osteosarcoma journey

3 Year Angelversary

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I cannot believe it has been 3 years yesterday since you departed my side but time continues to move forward no matter what. The past three years has been difficult without you by myside and a lot has happened as I know you have been keeping an eye on me. I went out for a walk for you even in my condition, which I know you are aware of what has happened with my knee. Things are getting better and I will be back 100% soon going on our walks again.

I was watching a video last night of you when I first brought you home on March 10, 2008 and you were just a little ball of fur, so much energy and fun romping around. That seems like yesterday in my heart and mind, just so wish I could have that day back. I have always brought up videos and pictures of you just to see your smile. I also look at pictures and videos of your brothers (Zieg and Toby) just knowing they are with you playing.

I have come to know that my grieving has become more joy of remembering all of the great times we spent together as well when your brothers (Zieg and Toby) were in my life. I still have tears come to my eyes when I think of all you guys as each of you hold a very special place in my heart.

I keep thinking a new little fur baby would come in to my life but not yet, but I will say it has been on my mind a lot lately so who knows. If you have a fur baby in mind that you want to send my way please do as you know they will be very well taken care of.

I love you, Zieg and Toby very much still and miss you guys.


Fur Dad

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  1. Awwww I’m sorry about the bittersweet occasion. It’s good to hear from you though.

    We got to know your boy through this blog and it shows that Dekoh and you had such a magical bond. I have total confidence that your special guy surrounds you with love each and every day, and helps you through the good times and not so good. He’s also cheering you on, knowing that he taught you all there is to know about getting strong and you can do this!

    Then, when the timing is right, he will present you with the right buddy. We can’t wait for that day and hope to be a part of it.

    (((hugs)))) on Dekoh’s third angelversary, now and always.

  2. I know just how you feel…it’s a little over 2 years since I lost my warrior Nitro. I still think of him EVERY DAY! It kind of sucks that time marches on, whether we want it to or not. We’ve added 2 new friends to our house, but it’s not the same. They make me laugh and I love them, but they aren’t Nitro. Hugs to you a this difficult time.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

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