Hello everybody out there in Tripawd world. I would like to introduce myself as my name is Dekoh and I am a male Rottweiler. I was born January 2008 but my life started off a little rocky as I was born to a backyard breeder not able to really take care of me and my siblings. I was VERY fortunate for a local Rottweiler rescue group that helped my sister, Zoya, and I get rescued at a very early age, just days old.  I do not believe I can list the name of this group on my blog, but if anybody is interested in the name of this rescue group please contact me. The next major step in my life was being adopted by my fur parents; Larry and Marta, who have been my cornerstone all of my great life.

Some folks often ask where did my name come from. Well you see my fur parents are avid scuba divers and they wanted to name me in relation to scuba diving. The name Dekoh is derived from a scuba term decompression or deco for short. Larry thought hey that is a great name but he wanted it spelled a little different as I am a one of a kind dude, so it stuck and we love the name.

I have been through multiple orthopedic surgeries with all four wheels being worked on and most fortunately I have great pawrents that were willing to take care of me and my injuries to recover to allow me to have some great life experiences.  We have done so many great things in my life and we will continue to do great things but maybe a little slower these days.

I started to limp a little on my rear left leg around mid-May 2016 so we started investigating what was happening since I had already the TPLO from 2010. We agreed to perform a arthroscopic surgery on my rear left stifle to see if something was happening in the joint, which the stifle was in great shape. After more investigation during this surgery the bone tumor was identified in my tibia. After many hours/days of deep thoughts, discussions and lots of tears my pawrents felt it best to amputate my leg to get rid of that nasty cancer pain. Even though the latest surgery, LH rear amputation, is my biggest challenge yet I have an awesome support network with my pawrents and everybody in my neighborhood so I know I have great days ahead of me still.

Let my Drei destination begin.