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Dekoh's amputation due to osteosarcoma journey

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7th Angelversary Sweet Dekoh

My Sweet Dekoh,

I sit here thinking about all of the good times we enjoyed from hiking in the mountains to taking you swimming at the multiple locations and it feels like it was all just yesterday when we were going and doing. I have seen seven years pass since you crossed the rainbow bridge and still to this day can’t believe you are not here with me. I know that if you were still here you would be 15 years young and full of gray hair just like me.

I still remember all of the courage you had to go through everything you did and I am extremely happy that I was there with you every step of the way. I know that last year I said that I was thinking of looking for another puppy to come into my life, but that has not happened thus far. I am still living day to day trying to figure out what will become of my life, thus I do not feel that a puppy would be a good fit for me at this time but one never knows that day may come and a puppy may fall from the sky into my life that needs me.

I wish I can say that it has become easier to get through the days without you but it really has not as I think about you every minute of the day and wish I can just say one more time “wanta go for a walk” and see you spring up ready to go then you go to your basket to get your bumper to carry along the way. I try to keep walking but it is hard by myself but I know I must keep moving.

As you know Justin now has a baby girl in his life named Juniper and I know you would be so happy to be around her just waiting for the day that she could go outside to play fetch. Please keep an eye on her to be sure she remains safe.

I hope that you, Zieg and Toby are still up there is in the rainbow clouds playing and enjoying the time together. I know that one day we will all be back together again to enjoy walks and time together.

I will always love and miss you every day.


Your PawDad

Joyous 6th Angelversary Sweet Dekoh

Sweet Dekoh,

I want to wish you a joyous 6th angleversary as you run around up there with Zieg and Toby. I just know you guys are having a great time. When I woke up this morning I remember looking over to the side of the bed just hoping I would see you laying there on your bed, but when I opened my eyes the floor was empty just like my heart.

I know that I did not post for your birthday earlier this year, but as you are well aware there has been a lot of changes in my life. I had a chance to get you, Zieg and Toby a brother to watch over but that did not work out.

I want to tell you that you are on my mind every single day of the year and I think of Zieg as well as Toby with you running around looking over me. There are many days that I wish I could join you guys but I know in my heart there are more things I need to accomplish, including getting another Rottie in my life. As you know I have thought about other dogs, but my heart always goes back to you sweet Rotties, no better companion in the world.

I am trying to get myself settled in my new world so I will be able to bring home a new brother for you guys to keep an eye over and I hope it happens soon. I am so very lonely and sometimes just sit here crying because I miss all three of you guys, but I know there are brighter days on the horizon.

When I see your eyes in pictures I can see so much life and love that you gave me that it hurts, but I know we had great days right up to the second I let you go. I will be ok and I keep going because I know there will be a time that we will see each other again. I also know when I find that new puppy I will see you, Zieg and Toby in its eyes telling me that everything is ok.

I love you so very much along with Zieg and Toby as all three of you have that special place in my heart.

Love your PawDad

Sweet Dekoh Happy 5th Year AngelVersary


I cannot believe it has been 5 years today that we separated and you went to your final playground.

There are so many feelings that I have gone through for you and me that I can’t begin to explain them all. As you know I still have not brought a new puppy into my life at this point since I can’t seem to replace you in my heart just yet, but I will say that I am doing better. I have had a few folks reach out to me saying they have new puppies coming or they have them now, but I have decided to wait a little longer. I do know that I feel I am ready for a new puppy in my life but there are other factors that are influencing my decision to ensure I am ready. I can actually talk with people about you without starting to tear up as I know I am happy. Please do not get me wrong, I was happy before but the tears were for joy not sadness. There are times when I look at pictures or videos of you that I do have a tear but again it is a tear of joy not sadness.

I want to tell you that I do still enjoy going to our walking places and just seeing the scenery knowing that you are with me for each step that I take, I actually sometimes feel you bump me on the leg or run past me which is a great thing to feel. I have to know that you are enjoying your time in your heavenly playground with your brothers Zieg and Toby as well all the other pets running wild and free.

I am so grateful that I had you in my life as well as your brothers Zieg and Toby. Each of you holds a special place in my heart and that will never be replaced no matter what happens in my life. I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of you and your brothers that always makes me smile.

I love you now and forever.

There is my little angel

Happy times

I always love this picture that shows our love

Baby sleeping

This was Toby as a puppy with his big brother Zieg.

I was always lucky to get puppy kisses from Zieg and Toby.

Always enjoyed the hugs with you on the floor.

These prints are on a sidewalk along Village Circle. Back in April 2014 they were pouring new cement and I thought it was solid enough. Well now my prints will be there forever or until the cement is taken out.

We were always so happy hiking in Bailey. Great times.

Love, Dad

Happy 4th Angelversary Dekoh


I had you on my mind all day today as this is your 4th Angelversary. I miss you every day along with your brothers Zieg and Toby.

I can’t wait to find a new brother for you guys and share. Please continue to play together and I will always have you three in my heart and memories.


Happy 12th Birthday


I woke up this morning knowing it would have been your 12th birthday. I laid there for a few minutes thinking of what things would would have done today to enjoy your magical day, but realized that everyday you were with me was a magical day. The great memories you provided me makes me very happy and I will never forget any of them. As you know I still miss you and think about you everyday but I am not sad anymore like I have been. I do wish you were still here with me but I know in my heart you are with me in spirit, which keeps me happy.

I know you are probably up there a the bridge having a great time just like we always did here so you keep having a great time and I will keep you in my heart along with your brothers Zieg and Toby. I miss all three of you guys and will someday have another of your brother’s with me to go on new adventures.

Miss you and Happy Birthday!!!

Love, Dad

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