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Dekoh's Drei Destination

Dekoh's amputation due to osteosarcoma journey

Happy Birthday Thoughts

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My sweet Dekoh Boy,

Today would have been your 9th birthday and I wanted to tell you happy birthday.

I told myself that I needed to take today off from work to spend time with you in my heart and just hang out. I was going to go over to the Audubon and walk it 9 times but Mom came up with a much better idea. I chose 9 different places that were our favorite places to go to and most likely would have been where we went today had you been here with me. I know you were there with me at every stop and every step I took, telling me you were ready to go. I knew today would be a hard day for me as really everyday has been hard for me realizing you were not going to come running out from behind that one tree or running over to chase that rabbit that caught your eye. I will say that I went to our most favorite place down at the Deer Creek camp in the Mt Evans wilderness area and what did I get to see, a squirrel running up a tree. I ran over to chase that squirrel up the tree for you as I knew you were right there by my side the whole way.

I want to post some pictures I took at each stop so you can see them, even though I know you were there with me for every step I took. I want to tell you the folks at WagNWash and CRCG (pool) told me to tell you hi as they miss you very much too. I had to get a picture of Kat at WagNWash since I know you loved to torment the cats there especially Kat.

I miss you every day and so much wish you were still here with us, but I know you are with me every day looking down on me to make sure I stay safe. I hope you had a great day at the Rainbow Bridge playing with your brothers Zieg and Toby as well as your girl Kaya.



This is a picture of me walking in our neighborhood, which I know you soooooo loved to do. Stop #1.

I know you will recognize this as the Audubon. Stop #2.

As you know this is probably our most favorite spot being the Mt Evans wilderness area. We so loved to camp and we did so much hiking here it was a great time. Stop #3

I knew you would enjoy seeing all of this snow and powder that you could have run in. What a great time. Mt. Evans wilderness picture #2 for stop #3.

I know this may not have been you favorite spot but we spent so much time at DCAH it was your second home. Stop #4.

I know you loved to go to PetSmart to torment the cats in the back as well the little birdies. Stop #5.

I know you did not always enjoy getting baths but I know you enjoyed the things we did after like getting a bone to chew on. Stop #6

I just had to post Kat for you to torment :>). Stop #6

We are at your top spot at CRCG. Stop #7

Yep, here is your pool that you soooo loved to go to. Stop #7.

This is out back at Murdoch’s as I knew we had to go here to chase some rabbits. Stop #8

The last stop of the day was at the Chatfield dog park. We spent so many days here walking and just hanging out. Great times. Stop #9.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Dekoh up at the Rainbow Bridge.


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  1. Happy Birthday Dekoh. We know you are watching down on your dad. Make sure you have plenty of steak and cake up there

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Happy birthday sweet boy…your dad knows you are watching over him and are with him always. How about throwing him a shiny penny now and then, to show him you’re fine and happy, but miss him too?

    Paula and Nitro

  3. What a great tribute to Dekoh’s favorite places!

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